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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you travel?

Yes! I love travelling! I am open to all locations and states! There may be an additional travel fee based on your location.

Q. Do you work well with photographers/vendors?

Absolutely! If you are not booking one of my photo+video packages, I work in complete harmony with the other vendors at the wedding. Being in the wedding industry, it is our job to always work together to deliver the best memories possible!


Q. What equipment do you use? Do you have back-up?


We use state-of-the-art Sony 4K cameras and prime lenses to capture your beautiful day. We also use wireless lav mics to capture crisp audio, lighting, drone, DJI Ronin gimbals, Zoom recorders and other accessories to fully capture your day.

We always bring multiple cameras and audio equipment in case of equipment failure.

Q. Do you use a drone? 

Yes!! Currently, I offer drone footage in all my packages at no extra cost if restrictions, weather and time allows. Drone footage brings an extra dimension to your wedding film and is always a beautiful addition.


Q. Do you offer custom packages?


Yes of course! I understand that every couple and wedding is different, hence every package is tailored to you and your needs. Never pay anything extra for something you don’t need with our custom tailored packages!

Q. When do you deliver your films?

Depending on the season, I typically deliver my films between 2-4 weeks after the wedding. I understand your excitement after the wedding to view your film, and I try my best to deliver it to you as soon as possible! 


Q. Do you have experience in traditional weddings?


Yes I do! I have experience in traditional Indian, African and Arab weddings in addition to traditional American weddings! I love attending and I am always open to learning about different cultural weddings!


Q. Do you offer RAW footage of the wedding?


Yes at an additional cost. Since my craft is only half done by shooting, raw footage is not reflective of my actual work and comes at an additional cost. Raw footage will also be very confusing for you to play since I record with multiple cameras and record audio separately. Instead, I suggest you consider the full ceremony or reception film add-on in which I carefully craft your wedding film to include all entrances, speeches, vows etc in a 30+ minute film. 


Q. How many videographers do you bring?


Typically, I film the day by myself with multiple cameras. However, on larger weddings and longer days, I usually bring a second shooter or two. If you think your wedding is large and spread out, definitely consider adding-on a second shooter! I always provide suggestions on this in our initial consulting call!

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